Contemporary Southwestern 
Stained Glass Art Wind Chime, Chimes 
Southwestern Breeze
Art by: Sandy More

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~Southwestern Breeze~

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~Southwestern Breeze~

A natural feeling of the warm tender winds that brings back the comforts of home that in your heart never ends.  
It's the endless song of the Southwestern Breeze that relaxes your mind and puts you at ease.  So forever enjoy this Southwestern
© Southwestern Breeze Poem
By: Andrea Cisneros

~ Kokopeli, Flute ~  

Kokopeli, the flute player, was the symbol of happiness and joy. "He talked to the wind and the sky. His flute could be heard in the Spring breeze, bringing warmth after the winter cold." Kokopeli embodies everything pure and spiritual about music. He was also thought of as a fertility god and traveling prankster. He would visit villages playing his flute, carrying his songs on his back. Everyone would sing and dance the night away. In the morning, when he left, the crops were plentiful and all the women were child bearing.

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The colors of Southwestern deserts are combined with shadowy figures of Kokopeli Flute in this dramatic wind chime. 

Kokopeli's Flute are hand painted with 14 karat gold and mother~of~pearl 
and kiln-fired

 The arrowheads in this dramatic wind chime have been hand chipped to add a rich texture to this beautiful, hand-crafted wind chime

I used White Pine that has been distressed and poly
urethane coated for complete protection to preserve the wood's beautiful grain

These Pieces are Separated With Hand Painted 24 Karat Gold Ferrules

My niece Andrea writes the lyric poems that describe my art.
my work

I Use A Mixture Of Vintage Glass That Is Over 20 Years Old And New Glass In  All Of My Wind Chimes

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I'm A Pack Rat From Way Back!

 116 pieces of Vintage Glass and 28 pieces of New Glass
For a total of 

144 Pieces Of Quality Stained Glass

10" wide x 4'  Long = 48" In Total Length

Distressed White Pine ~  Polyurethane Coated

Hundreds Of Quality Glass Beads

4  Kokopeli Flutters  Hand Painted with 14 Karat Gold and Mother~Of~Pearl that have been kiln-fired.

4  Handcrafted Raw Chip Glass Arrowheads
Glass Nuggets ~  from Dripping Springs, Texas

58  Swarovski Austrian Clear Round Crystals Prisms 

2  Ruby Red  Swarovski Austrian Crystals Beads 

17 Emeralds Swarovski Austrian Crystals Beads

Elegantly Highlight This Exciting, Dancing Wind Chime, 
Designed To Make You Smile.

The Musical Sound Of This Beauty is Soothing, Entrancing
and Invokes the Spirit of the Mystical Character "
Beautifully Balanced For Background Tones.

The Joyful Primary Colors Go With Any Landscape And Create A 
Permanent Focal Point For Your Home

I Lovingly Spent Hours And Days Hand Crafting 
This Fabulous Whimsical ~Southwestern Breeze~ Wind Chime
As You Can See With The Number Of Different Treasures That I Have Incorporated into this Fabulous Wind Chime For Your Home.

Their Are No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges
On This Fabulous Whimsical Southwestern Breeze Wind Chime!! 

Every Piece Was Hand Polished With Care With No Small Details Overlooked
By Me
(Sandy More)

The Artwork Is Signed by Me (Sandy More) With Pride.

I cannot tell you how much satisfaction it gave me to bring this unique piece together.
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© Southwestern Breeze Poem
By: Andrea Cisneros

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©All Of "Sandy's" Totally Handcrafted Stained Glass Art Wind Chimes and Images Are Copyrighted And Registered by me,