Stained Glass Copper Art Wind Chimes

Thank you for looking at my art!!
Handcrafted By Me

This african mask is rich with folklore, ritual and beauty
 each mask is carved from a single piece of wood. 
Beautifully detailed!!
masks are symbolic of protection and happy times and are believed to bring peace and happiness to the dwellings where they are display.

~ Morning Goddess ~

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All of my work is original and one of a kind.
I think you will agree my creations are unique .

I have used only the best lead crystal and beads in this chime.
The colors in this chime are truly spectacular!
I hope you can appreciate the sheer beauty in this chime with the photos that I have supplied.

I have applied polyurethane to both sides of the mask chime.

No grinder marks! No sanding marks!
 No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges!
Totally Handcrafted By Me

~ Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit ~
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This fabulous ~Mask~ wind chime is:
~ 22  Inches In Length From Top To Bottom And Is 
~ 12  Inches Wide
~ 13 Strings of Fused Glass
~ Hundreds of Glass Beads
 ~ Swarovski Crystals Glass Beads
~ 13 Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop
~ Red Feathers
~ Blue Chain Decorations The Top Of Her Head
~ Sliver Wire Has Been Used Throughout This Fabulous Chime.

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We understand the true value and nature of hand crafted art.
And we recognize that it is important to know the artist.
So, to ensure you that this is the real deal, a Certificate of Authenticity has been included with each item.

I am sure the lucky owner of this unique and gorgeous chime will appreciate the time and effort lovingly put into this Original creation.
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For many centuries African Masks played
a major role in rituals, celebrations, ceremonies
and tribal initiations. Rituals are accompanied
with prayer, music, song and or dance.

African masks are dramatic portraits of
spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible
 powers of social control. This mask was
made according to a traditional style.

The African masks that hang on walls of
Western art museums, detached from their
 full-body costumes, were originally part
 of whole performance ensembles,
consisting of elaborately costumed dancers,
vibrant music, and highly stylized dances.
 These complex ceremonial events expressed
important social, religious, and moral values
 for the whole community. With careful attention
to the masks' artistic and symbolic detail,
it is possible to perceive these same values
within the masks themselves.

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