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Art by: Sandy More

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An Amazing One-of-a-Kind Wind Chime.
Totally Hand Crafted From Top to Bottom!
Original  Singed Art

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~Caribbean Dreams~

The whips of the winds,
The crash of the waves,
The color of the sky,
The felling you crave,
The toasty morning sun kissing your skin,
The overwhelming joy burning within,
The comfortable feeling of the sand on your feet,
These Caribbean moments can not be beat.
©  Poem
By: Andrea Cisneros

~Legend of the Dream Catcher~

According to legend, dreams are
messages from sacred spirits.
It is said that the hole in the web
allows the good dreams through
while trapping the bad dreams
until they disappear in the
 morning light.
Dream catchers are believed to
 protect the sleeping One with
pleasant dreams, luck and
harmony throughout their lives...

A total of 

204 ~ Pieces Of Quality Stained Glass
Vintage ~ Crystal Iridescent Blue Rippled Glass
Youghiogheny ~ Colors of the
Cathedral ~ Wispy
Iridescent Sea foam 
Bulls eye ~ White with Off White 
29 ~ Strings

11 1/2" wide x 5' 6" In Length

Hundreds Of Quality Swarovski Crystal Beads

~ 1~ 30mm ~ Swarovski Crystal Clear Ball

~ 1~ 30mm ~   Swarovski Crystal Aqua Blue Ball

~57 ~ Swarovski Aqua Crystal Prism

~2~ Swarovski Sapphires Crystal Beads

~9~ Swarovski Aqua Crystal Beads

~These Pieces are Separated With Hand Painted 24 Karat Gold Clasp ~

~I Have Used Super Smooth Nylon Core To Weave The Inside of The Dream Catcher~

Copper Wire Has Been Used to Embellish and Enhanced This Fabulous Piece of Art

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~Caribbean Dreams~

Elegantly Highlighted This Exciting, Dancing Wind Chime, 
Is Designed To Make You Smile.

The Musical Sound Of This Beautiful Piece is Soothing And Is
Magnificently Balanced For Background Tones.

The Joyful Primary Colors Blend Magically With Any Landscape To Create A 
Permanent Focal Point For Your Home

I Lovingly Spent Hours And Days Hand Crafting 
This Fabulously Whimsical ~Caribbean Dreams~ Wind Chime For You
You Can See The Number Of Different Treasures That I Have Incorporated Into This Fabulous Artistic Wind Chime For Your Home.

There Are No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges
On This Fabulous Wind Chime!! 

Every Piece Was Hand Polished With Care  No Small Details Overlooked
By Me

~Certificate of Authenticity~

I cannot tell you how much satisfaction it gave me to bring this unique piece together.

I Use A Mixture Of Vintage Glass That Is Over 20 Years Old
 And New Glass In  All Of My Wind Chimes
I'm A Pack Rat From Way Back!

You may pay using Money orders, Cashiers check or Personal checks.
 Please allow ten days for checks to clear bank.
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