Stained Glass Copper Art Wind Chimes
Art by: Sandy More

All of my work is original and one of a kind. 
I think you will agree my creations are unique .

Totally Handcrafted By Me

~ CC Bloom ~

~ 64 1/4  Inches In Length From Top To Bottom And Is 
7 1/2  Inches Wide
 I have polyurethane the Bamboo Flooring with for complete protection
of the wood's natural colors.
~ 117 Strings 
~ 28 Strings Of Bamboo with a total of 476 Bamboo 
~ 310 Pieces of Quality Stained Clear Iridescent Fused Glass and 
Vintage Yellow Stained Glass I Only Break Out My Vintage Glass For The Chime That Touches My Heart And This One Did.
So From My Hearth To Your Heart I Hope You Enjoy This Huge Chime!
~ Hundreds of Clear Glass Beads and Clear Tub Crystals Beads
~ Bird Cage Is 16 1/2 X 7 1/4 
~ 4  3 "X 2 1/4 "Brass Bells Hang From The Center Of The Cage
I Have Laid A Bamboo Floor and Grated To Match The Bamboos Fabulous Color I have also sealed it with polyurethane 
~Gold Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Wire

The colors will dance around the room.
I have used only the best in this chime.

The colors in this chime are truly spectacular! 
I hope you can appreciate the sheer beauty in this chime with the photos I have supplied.

~Certificate of Authenticity~
Original  Singed Art

I am sure the lucky owner of this unique and gorgeous chime will appreciate the time and effort lovingly put into this Original creation.

Elegantly highlight this exciting, 
dancing wind  chime is designed to make you smile
the musical sound of this beauty is soothing.
beautifully balanced for background tones.

The joyful colors go with any  
landscape and create a permanent
 focal point for your home

I lovingly spent hours and days handcrafting.
 This fabulous chime for your home.

This is a huge chime over 6 feet long 


Once Again This Is A Huge Chime!!


http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/pict0001.jpg (90173 bytes) http://sandymore.com/freedom/Pict0024.jpg (110657 bytes) http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/711.jpg (56725 bytes) http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/Pict00012.jpg (74718 bytes) http://sandymore.com/mayflowers/1.jpg (173132 bytes) http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/dc30.jpg (43668 bytes) http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/wpe1.jpg (78334 bytes) http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/wpe5.jpg (15811 bytes) http://sandymore.com/auctions/crystalfalls/cf2.jpg (121343 bytes) http://sandymore.com/auctions/bootsandcrystals/Pict0020.jpg (86190 bytes) http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/pict0008.jpg (106902 bytes) http://sandymore.com/desertsunset/pict0005.jpg (74237 bytes)
http://sandymore.com/auctions/rainforest/rf107.jpg (59990 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/061504mask/mask1.jpg (102901 bytes)

And much much more!
 I do custom work and would be happy to make you a one of a kind piece of art for your home.

I accept paypal, money orders and cashiers checks( no personal checks please.  I will invoice you at auction end. If paying with paypal you have 2 days, if using another method you have 8 days. Thank you.


Shipping is $45.00
Insurance is $5.00

 E-mail me if you have any question

Under present copyright law, a work of art is automatically protected when it is created. All my images, text, logos, descriptions and derivatives from this, previous or future work are not to be copied. 1984 thru 2007.

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