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This Is My Interpretation Of 
~Timorese Warrior Mask~

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~Celebrations of World Cultures Collection~
~The Warrior ~
Original Art, Signed and Dated Wind  Chimes

I have fallen in love with these masks!
The beautiful  carvings!  The meaning of each mask.  
The cultural beliefs of the tribes.
 Very unique!

Timorese Warrior Mask
Known throughout eastern Indonesia as the most fearless of men, warriors from the island of Timor were also noted for their loyalty to the Sultan.  Young men were handpicked  by the Sultan himself after proving their bravery and athletic skills.  Warriors wore headbands to designate their rank, as shown in this finely hand carved mask.

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One Of A Kind Very Unique!!

This fabulous  Warrior Wind Chime is 
~28 3/4 inches in length from top to bottom
 and is 12 3/4 inches wide
~ 17  Strings
~17 Pieces of Quality Spectrum Yellow Stained Glass
~ 17 Swarovski Fire Polished Clear Crystal Round
~ 8 Red bells 
~ The head piece is adorned  with hundreds of 
white feathers 

Totally Hand Beaded and Mosaic! 
Thousands of Quality Beads
tiny glass seed beads, glass beads, a
wood  and bone beads.

Nylon coated stainless steel wire.

I have applied  polyurethane to both sides of the 

Warrior  for total protection from the weather.

I have also used thousands small pieces of 
vintage stained glass to mosaic this fabulous mask.  
The colors are  vintage Light brown.  

I  used black grout and sealed it with a clear coat 
so that it will look this way for many years to come.

Small pieces of Vintage Stained Glass 
that I have had for over twenty years.

~I'm a pack rat from way back~

No grinder marks! No sanding marks!
 No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges!
Totally Handcrafted By Me

Fine Craftsmanship went into this mask
I'm very proud and pleased to put my
 name on this wind chime 
Very Well Made!!

Elegantly highlight this exciting, 
dancing wind  chime is designed to make you smile
the musical sound of this beauty is soothing.
beautifully balanced for background tones.

The joyful primary colors go with any  
landscape and create a permanent
 focal point for your home

I lovingly spent hours and days handcrafting.
 This fabulous whimsical ~The Warrior ~ for your home.

As you can see with the number of different
treasures that I have incorporated into this 
fabulous wind chime for your home.

~The Warrior ~
 Included with your wind chime: 
You will receive a repair kit  and a 

~Certificate of Authenticity~
Original  Singed Art

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auction.  Buyer pays actual shipping cost.
I use UPS ground. 
Insurance is included with shipping.

Shipping Cost is only $8.00 to $10.00


You may pay using Money orders,
Cashiers check  or Personal checks.
 Please allow ten days for checks to clear bank.

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Robert, Sandy, Adam and Perry

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