Whimsical Contemporary 
Stained Glass Art
Wind Chime, Chimes 
By: Sandy More

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Welcome To My 

And Thank You For Looking!

Happy Halloween 
~ Smiling Jack ~

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Fall Collection Is Here!

We Thought We Would Have A Little Fun With Halloween!

 My Niece Andrea And My Two Great Nieces Gabby, Who Is 6 Years Old, And In The 1st Grade And Arieanna, Who Is 23 Months Old, 
And Is In Her Terrible Two's !! 

We Got Together And This Is What Came Out Of Our Play Time.
We Hope You Enjoy This Wonderful
 ~ Smiling Jack ~
 Wind Chime As Much As We Do.
 We Had A Fabulous Time Together!!!
Andrea Pick out the Pumpkin, 
I picked out the colors, 
Gabby pick out the beads, 
And Arieanna Had Her LITTLE HANDS In Everything.

~ Smiling Jack ~

A total of 

18 ~ Pieces Of Quality Stained Glass

9 ~ Strings

7" wide x 20" In Length

8 ~ Sliver Bells

1 ~ Orange Pumpkin Bell

 ~ A Lot  Of Quality Halloween Beads ~

The Type Of Glass That We Have Used For This
Fabulous  ~ Smiling Jack ~ Wind Chime Is
Orange And Black

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The Musical Sound Of This Beautiful Piece is Soothing And Is
Magnificently Balanced For Background Tones.

The Joyful Primary Colors Blend Magically With Any Landscape To Create A 
Permanent Focal Point For Your Halloween Home

We Lovingly Spent Hours Hand Crafting 
This Fabulously Whimsical
 ~ Smiling Jack ~ Wind Chime For You.

You Can See The Number Of Different Treasures That We Have 
Incorporated Into This Fabulous Artistic Halloween 
 ~ Smiling Jack ~
Wind Chime For Your Home.

There Are No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges
On This Fabulous Whimsical
 ~ Smiling Jack ~ Wind Chime!! 

Every Piece Was Hand Polished With Care!

  No Small Details Overlooked!
Checked And Double Checked By Gabby & Arieanna

 ~ Smiling Jack ~ WIND CHIME 

The Artwork Is Signed and Dated by Me (Sandy More) With Pride

You will receive a
~Certificate of Authenticity~
Along with your wind chime

I Cannot Tell You How Much Satisfaction 
It Gives Me To Bring This Unique Piece Together For Your Halloween Fun.

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You may pay using Money orders, Cashiers check or Personal checks.
 Please allow ten days for checks to clear bank.

Questions, Comments email me sandygail10@aol.com

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Thank You for Looking and Good Luck on your Biding
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