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Art by: Sandy More

This Chime Was Made Just For
Terre Blair

~Misty Mornings~

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Dearest Ter,
Hope you like what I picked out for you.
Love You!!!

~Misty Morning~

The Morning calls to the elusive sun
The sound of dew drops break a moment of silence
A full moon in a dark, soon to lighten sky
So much to behold for these lonely eyes
A morning chill and a fog overhangs the air
Misty morning silence without a care
By: Andrea Cisneros

 ~ 70 Inches In Length = 5'10" From Top To Bottom And Is 
15  Inches Wide
~ 43 Strings
~ 149 Pieces of Quality Stained Glass 
~ Clear, Pink and  Blue  Glass Beads and  Clear Swarovski Crystals Beads
~ 43 Swarovski Crystals Rounds
  Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Wire

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No grinder marks! No sanding marks!
 No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges!
Totally Handcrafted By Me

Elegantly highlight this exciting, 
dancing wind  chime is designed to make you smile
the musical sound of this beauty is soothing.
beautifully balanced for background tones.

The joyful primary colors go with any  
landscape and create a permanent
 focal point for your home

I lovingly spent hours and days handcrafting.
 This fabulous whimsical ~Misty Mornings~ for your home.

~Certificate of Authenticity~
Original  Singed Art

1984-2004 All Of "Sandy's" Totally Handcrafted Stained Glass Art Wind Chimes/ Water Fountains and Mosaic Images Are Copyrighted And Registered by me,