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Stained Glass Copper Art 
Wind Chimes
Water Fountains
1984~2004 All Rights Reserved 
Art by: Sandy More

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These Mask Where Made Just For Mary Timm
Happy Anniversary!!!  :)

~Moon Over Africa~

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 Display This Fabulous African Moon Mask Near Or On Your Door And No Evil Spirit May Pass

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is African Mask Is Rich With Folklore, Ritual And Beauty
 Each Mask Is Carved From A Single Piece Of Wood. 
Beautifully Detailed!!

Masks Are Symbolic of Protection and Happy Times And Are Believed To Bring Peace And Happiness To The Dwellings Where They Are Display.

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All Of My Mask Are One Of A Kind!!
Hand Crafted!
 Very Unique!
Another Amazing One-of-a-Kind Wind Chime!!

~Celebrations of World Cultures Collection~
~Moon Over Africa~

Original Art, Signed and Dated Wind Chime
I have enhanced the features of this fabulous mask with stained glass (vintage and new), glass chips, jewelry, glass beads and crystals. 

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Hand Carved African Moon Mask
long X 14 1/4" wide

Very Intricate, Very Beautiful
A Family Treasure!!

38 inches in length from top to bottom
 and is 14 1/4 inches wide
29 Strings
58 Pieces of Quality Spectrum Black and Yellow Stained Glass
~ 87 Hand Crafted Lampwork Beads
Hundreds Of Glass Beads and
Tiny Seed Beads
Thousands Of Tinny Red and Sliver Seed Beads
Hundreds  of Tiny Pieces of Vintage and New Stained Glass and  Fused Jewelry Mosaic The  Face Of This Fabulous Mask
 Vintage Pieces Of Stained Glass (Burgundy) And (Blue) Covers The Center Of His Face And Around His Eyes.
I Have Also Used Some New Stained Glass (Blue Swirl) Spectrum And (Black) Right Above His Eye's
Hundreds Of Fused Glass And Dichroic Jewelry Surround His Lips and Face.

Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Wire
I Have Applied  Polyurethane To Both Sides of The 
Mask Wind Chime  For Total Protection From The Weather.
I  Used Black Grout And Sealed It With A Clear Coat 
So That It Will Look This Way For Many Years To Come.

Totally Hand Cut, Hand Beaded and Hand Mosaic! 

~I'm a pack rat from way back~
 I Have Added Vintage Stained Glass To This Fabulous Chime

No grinder marks! No sanding marks!
 No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges!
Totally Handcrafted By Me


Fine Craftsmanship went into this mask
I'm very proud and pleased to put my
 name on this wind chime 
very well made!!


Elegantly highlight this exciting, 
dancing wind  chime is designed to make you smile
the musical sound of this beauty is soothing.
beautifully balanced for background tones.

The joyful primary colors go with any  
landscape and create a permanent
 focal point for your home

I lovingly spent hours and days handcrafting.
 This fabulous wh
~Moon Over Africa~ for your home.
As you can see with the number of different
treasures that I have incorporated into this 
fabulous wind chime for your home.

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1984-2004  All Of "Sandy's" Totally Handcrafted Stained Glass Art Wind Chimes/ Water Fountains and Images Are Copyrighted And Registered by me,