Stained Glass Copper Art 
Wind Chimes
Water Fountains
Art by: Sandy More

Thank you for looking at my

  African Wedding Mask 
 Made Just For
Joe Bradford and Robyn Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Scott Bradford
June 4, 2004

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For many centuries African Masks played
a major role in rituals, celebrations, ceremonies
and tribal initiations. Rituals are accompanied
with prayer, music, song and or dance.

African masks are dramatic portraits of
spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible
 powers of social control. This mask was
made according to a traditional style.

The African masks that hang on walls of
Western art museums, detached from their
 full-body costumes, were originally part
 of whole performance ensembles,
consisting of elaborately costumed dancers,
vibrant music, and highly stylized dances.
 These complex ceremonial events expressed
important social, religious, and moral values
 for the whole community. With careful attention
to the masks' artistic and symbolic detail,
it is possible to perceive these same values
within the masks themselves.

This fabulous African Wedding Mask  Is
15 X 15
Totally hand beaded! 
I have used black grout,  and it has be seal with a clear coat.
Fine Craftsmanship went into this wedding mask
I'm very proud and pleased to be giving it to them as a  wedding gift!

I lovingly spent hours and days  
handcrafting This fabulous 
~African Wedding Mask~  
For Them

We love you both so very much!
Uncle Robert & Aunt Sandy

Thank You for Looking!
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