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Wind Chimes
Water Fountains
Art by: Sandy More

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Another Amazing One-of-a-Kind Wind Chime!!


Just a few yards from the path was a small clearing in the trees, with dense undergrowth. Everything in sight was cloaked in a mantle of orange and black, moving, swaying and ever-changing like a flickering silent movie. A place of infinite peace and extraordinary beauty. As we stared, openmouthed and speechless, the shear magic of the sight overwhelmed us. Countless millions of tiny butterfly bodies were lifted into the air by pairs of colorful wings before they drifted slowly back to earth on the gentle breeze, to settle on anything in their path. Within minutes we were both blanketed by hundreds of Monarchs, unable to move for fear of accidentally squashing them. As fast as we could, lest the light should completely fail, we began to take photos: close-ups of single butterflies, shots of branches bowed over by their weight, the orange and black speckled air above our heads, the millions of Monarchs clinging to the tree trunks. 
We had a fantastic twenty minutes before
night finally fell. 

~Butterfly Forest~

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Absorb The Universal Energy Within Each Hand Crafted Piece!

~Butterfly Forest~

This Beautiful Wind Chime Is; 
~ 44  Inches In Length From Top To Bottom And Is 
18 1/2  Inches Wide
~17 strings
~ 46  Pieces of Stained Glass 
~ 16 - 8X11 mm Oval Transfer Star Beads
5 Beautiful Spring Butterflies 
~ 3 Wooden  And 2 Glass Butterflies Adorn The Top 
(The Wooden Butterflies Wings Flap Whenever Kissed By A Gentle Breeze!)
~ Hundreds of Tine Seed Beads and Glass Beads

Totally Hand Crafted!!!
Seeing Is Believing!!  Just Beautiful!!

Bid Today And Enjoy This Piece Of  Art
 For Years To Come.

No grinder marks! No sanding marks!
 No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges!
Totally Handcrafted By Me

Fine Craftsmanship Went Into This Chime
I'm very proud and pleased to put my
 name on this wind chime
Very Well Made!!

Elegantly highlight this exciting, 
dancing wind chime is designed to make you smile.

The joyful primary colors go with any  
landscape and create a permanent
 focal point for your home!



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Original  Singed Art

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