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~White Rose~
~Water Fountain~

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I hope you enjoy this Water Fountain as much as I do!
It's truly beautiful!

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Comes fully assembled, just add water!!!
The fabulous water fountain is made from copper.
This fabulous whimsical  water fountain is
20 1/2" inches in length from top to bottom
and is 12 1/4" wide 
The pan is 14 1/4 X 4 1/2"  X 3" 
The glass is 10" X 18" Spectrum clear rain drop stained glass.
~1 lb. river stones that have tumbled  and polished for 14 days
Raw chucks of stained glass rocks
~A Hand full of Acrylic glass accent pebbles
~1 Submersible fountain pump
I have stained this fountain with green patina 
I have sealed the fabulous colors with a 
clear coat finish.
 So it will look this way forever.
The joyful ~ relaxing water fountain will set off  any table top and create a permanent focal point for your home or office!
    The artwork is signed by me.
I lovingly spent hours and days hand crafting this 
Fabulous Water Fountain!
Questions, Comments email me sandygail10@aol.com
You will receive a
~Certificate of Authenticity~
Along with your water fountain

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