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~The Rose~

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Thank you for looking at my auction!
I like this one so much that It's hard for me to sell!

This fabulous water fountain is totally hand made by me Sandy More (SMore)
~ 17" high X 17" round~
~ 4 Roses 2" X 2"
~ 19 leaves 2" X  3 1/2"
~ 1 Copper pan 4"  deep X 17" round
~ 3 lbs. Tumbled and polished river rocks
~A Hand full of Acrylic glass accent pebbles
and a few store bought colorful rocks red, green and a shiny creamy white
~1 Submersible fountain pump

I have a mom story for you about how these rocks came to me and how long I have had them. 

I have 2 sons,  Adam who is now a police officer in a small town out side of Austin, Texas and Perry is 16 and runs cross country at his high school.

Anyway you know how kids are they will bring you anything and everything under the sun,
Rocks, flowers and bugs. 
 I know you know what I mean.  Ha-ha.. 
Well, for years I would throw them old rocks into an old box  out in the shop.  You know the old box I'm talking about, the one on top of that old refrigerator that you hate! But it just won't die. The one from the 1950's (yellow gold).
I believe they called it harvest gold .
I kept all of the rocks and twenty three years later I'm doing something with them.
So a big thank you goes to my boys
For bringing home every little rock from Texas
to Washington and all the states in between.

The water fountain and roses are made from copper that I have heated,  beat, cut and shaped into this fabulous water fountain.

http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf1.jpg (46116 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf2.jpg (54857 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf3.jpg (47461 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf4.jpg (68702 bytes)
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The joyful ~ relaxing water fountain will set off any table top and create a permanent focal point for your home, office or garden.
I would put this beauty in the master bath with tons of candles around it.

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I have stained the leaves and stems with green patina.

Heated the roses to a cherry red and wet them so fast that they turn copper red.

The pan is a rainbow color.

I have sealed the fabulous colors with a clear coat finish so it will look this way forever.

http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf18.jpg (58478 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf19.jpg (46187 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf20.jpg (63101 bytes) 

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I just love the way the water falls from the roses
it sparkles just like crystals just beautiful!!

http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf22.jpg (46737 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf23.jpg (44772 bytes)  http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf24.jpg (45190 bytes)
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 http://sandymore.com/auctions/fountains/rose/rf28.jpg (67493 bytes)
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The artwork is signed by me.

I lovingly spent hours and days hand crafting this 
Fabulous Water Fountain!

Questions, Comments email me sandygail10@aol.com

You will receive a
~Certificate of Authenticity~
along with your water fountain


I will send you an invoice at the end of the action.
Buyer pays actual shipping cost. 
I use UPS ground.  Insurance is included with shipping.

Look at the end of the action for Shipping UPS 
just type in your zip code and let 
UPS tell you how much the shipping cost will be

You may pay using Money orders, cashiers check 
or Personal checks.
Please allow ten days for check to clear my bank.


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Thank You for Looking at my action and Good Luck on your Biding
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