Stained Glass Art Wind Chimes
~Crystal Blue~

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If you love crystals you will love this wind chime ~Crystal Blue~
100% Czech Crystals Beads and  Youghiogheny glass.



Thank you for looking at my action!

I hope you enjoy this one.

My husband Robert named this one
 ~Crystal Blue~
because of all the crystals

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I have used all Youghiogheny glass.
It's very expensive and very beautiful.
(I call this glass Gold.)

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We had a cool and windy day here in the Lone Star State.
The glass has blue, white and a little purple in it.
It's really beautiful!

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  ~Crystal Blue~

~25 Strings

~65 Pieces of  Youghiogheny stained glass
~31" Long and 10" Wide~
~Perfect for a small place in your home, office or garden~
The top of this fabulous wind chime holds
~36 Youghiogheny  lamp work beads
Made by me Sandy
~2~ 20mm Crystal Balls
~1~ 30mm Crystal Balls
~2~ Sapphire Prisms
~69~ Swarovski Crystal Prisms fire polished
~1~ Vintage Round Crystals Prism
~20~ Amethyst Prisms Wrap With Copper Wire 
~hundreds and hundreds of Czech crystal beads
Clear, diamond shape Clear Iridescent and Sapphire

I Used ~Vintage Mahogany Wood ~ That I have distressed
 I have polyurethane the wood  for complete protection
of the wood's natural beautiful reddish grain 

I really like the size of this wind chime!

Elegantly Highlight This Exciting, Dancing Wind Chime, 
Designed To Make You Smile.

The musical tones of this beauty are soothing.,
beautifully balanced for background notes.

The joyful  colors will set off  any landscape 
and create a permanent focal point for your
 home, office or garden!

I lovingly spent hours and days hand crafting this wind chime!

As you can see with the number of different treasures that I have incorporated into this fabulous wind chime.

Their Are No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges 

Every piece was hand  cut and polished with care with no small details overlooked 
by me 

The artwork is signed by me 

Questions, Comments email me sandygail10@aol.com

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I use UPS ground. Insurance is included with shipping.  

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Thank You for Looking and Good Luck on your Biding
2003 All Of "Sandy's" Totally Handcrafted Stained Glass Art Wind Chimes Are Copyrighted And Registered.