Whimsical Contemporary 
Stained Glass Art
Wind Chime, Chimes 
Art by: Sandy More

This One I named: 

~Crown Jewels ~

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~Crown Jewels ~

Priceless treasures and timeless pleasures,
Royal jewels of ancient times,
Sapphire, Emeralds, Rubies and  Diamonds
 each one enticing and accenting the other,
Shinning and sparking with pure elegance
The Crown Jewels of Royalty
seems truly Heavenly sent.
©  Poem
By: Andrea Cisneros

Click on the Cross to See and Hear This Beautiful Chime!

The crowns and treasures associated with the British Monarchy are powerful symbols of monarchy for the British people and, as such, their value represents more than gold and precious stones. Today the crowns and treasures associated with English kings and queens since 1660 and earlier are used for the Coronation of Monarchs of the United Kingdom.


Click on any picture to see larger size

Click on any picture to see larger size

Click on any picture to see larger size

Click on any picture to see larger size

~Crown Jewels~
 Will Make You Feel Like

~ pieces of Vintage Glass and  24~ pieces of New Glass
For a total of 

32 ~ Pieces Of Quality Stained Glass

~Vintage Crystal Iridescent Blue Rippled Glass~
~ Crystal Clear Iridescent Rippled Glass~

25 ~ Strings

7 1/2" wide x 34" In Length

1 ~ Royal Crown
Made Of Fine Metal Wire And Hand Twisted In To The Shape Of A Royal Crown.
Hand Painted With A Auto Shinny White Paint So That It Will Last For YEARS

3 ~ Tea Candle

~ Hand Painted and Crafted By Me ~
~Sandy More~

Hundreds Of Quality Swarovski Crystal Beads
24% and 32% Hand Cut Polished Lead Crystals

Oval Crystal Beads
 Emerald Crystal Beads
Amethyst Crystal Beads
Ruby Red Crystal Beads
Sapphire Crystal Beads

25 ~ 16mm Swarovski Clear Crystal Rounds

19~ Ruby Red Crystal Prism
8 ~Amber Crystal Prism
8 ~Emerald Crystal Prism
8 ~Amethyst Crystal Prism
16 ~ Sapphire Crystal Prism

 4 ~ 38mm Tear Drop Sapphire Crystal Prism
 4 ~ 38mm Tear Drop Ruby Red Crystal Prism
 8 ~ 38mm Tear Drop Clear Crystal Prism

4 ~ Amethyst Crystal Drop Prism
4 ~ Sapphire Crystal Drop Prism

1 ~ Ruby Red  Drop Spear Crystal Prism

1 ~ Cross
 ~  I Have Hand Painted The Cross with 24 Karat Gold ~
~The 24 Karat Gold has been sealed with Polyurethane for Protection~

2 ~ Ruby Red Rhinestones
32 ~ Clear Round Rhinestones

~These Fabulous Pieces Of Glass Are Separated With Hand Painted 24 Karat Gold Clasp~

Click On The ~Crown Jewels ~

to Enjoy the movement and the sounds~

Elegantly Highlight This Exciting, Dancing Wind Chime, 
Designed To Make You Smile.

The Musical Sound Of This Beauty is Soothing.
Beautifully Balanced For Background Tones.

The Joyful Primary Colors Go With Any Landscape And Create A 
Permanent Focal Point For Your Home

I Lovingly Spent Hours And Days Hand Crafting 
This Fabulous Whimsical
~Crown Jewels ~ Wind Chime

As You Can See With The Number Of Different Treasures
That I Have Incorporated into this Fabulous Wind Chime For Your Home.

There Are No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges
On This Fabulous Whimsical
~Crown Jewels ~ Wind Chime!! 

Every Piece Was Hand Polished With Care With No Small Details Overlooked
By Me
(Sandy More)

The Artwork Is Signed by Me (Sandy More) With Pride.

I Cannot Tell You How Much Satisfaction It Gave Me To Bring This
 Piece Together.

I Use A Mixture Of Vintage Glass That Is Over 20 Years Old
 And New Glass In  All Of My Wind Chimes
I'm A Pack Rat From Way Back!


You may pay using Money orders, Cashiers check or Personal checks.
 Please allow ten days for checks to clear bank.

~Crown Jewels ~

Questions, Comments email me sandygail10@aol.com

You will receive a
~Certificate of Authenticity~
Along with your wind chime

Thank You for Looking and Good Luck on your Biding
©All Of "Sandy's" Totally Handcrafted Stained Glass Art Wind Chimes and Images Are Copyrighted And Registered by me, sandy@sandymore.com