Blue Strip
Stained Glass Art Wind Chimes
~Blue Horizon~
Blue Strip
Sunset looking across Lake Travis
~Blue Horizon~

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Thank you for looking at my action!
I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!
I just love blue!! :)  
The glass is Clear with Blue Swirls 
It's really beautiful!

Blue Strip
~Blue Horizon~
The sun is shining up above
Enjoy life, live, laugh, and love,
embrace each moment for time is slipping away
all of the sudden it will be a new day the skies are glimmering and sparkling blue setting down on the earth a horizon of blue
2003  Poem
By: Andrea Cisneros
Blue Strip
My niece Andrea writes all of the poems for me.
This fabulous whimsical wind chime is:
27" inches in length from top to bottom
and is 10" wide
Perfect for a small place in your home, office or garden
23 Strings
67 pieces of Blue Swirl Spectrum Glass
The top of this fabulous wind chime holds
2 20mm Crystal Balls
5 Lamp work Leaves 
Blue and green
19 lamp work beads 
The copper arms hold 44 Lamp work beads
5 Lamp work beads running down the center 
for a total of 
68 Lamp work Blue Beads
All Home Made By Me
24 Clear Prisms wrap with copper wire
1 Vintage Crystal Prism
1 30mm Crystal Ball

Hundreds of quality crystals and glass beads
Only the best for you!!

Every piece was hand cut and fired polished with care with no small details overlooked 
by me 

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I put all 67 pieces of glass into my kiln and fire polished
each one so that each and every piece shines.
No grinder marks! No sanding marks!
 No Rough, Sharp or  Cloudy Edges!
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All new glass this time :)
The artwork is signed by me.
I lovingly spent hours and days hand crafting this wind chime!
The joyful  colors will set off  any landscape 
and create a permanent focal point for your home, office or garden!

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Thank You for Looking at my action and Good Luck on your Biding
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